Well, it was four very intense days and I was exhausted after each one but it was so awesome.  Took lots of pictures and got tons of notes.  There were about 20 ladies and 1 guy for the first two days not including the instructor so we did a little go round talking about ourselves and why we came to his workshop.  I traveled the farthest as most were Alberta locals.  The facility was amazing and the coordinator had lots of snacks and coffee for us all day.  Most of David’s work reflects the BC interior but he paints as the old masters did and those were the techniques and theory he taught us.  We had a couple of demos that did not include us doing them ourselves there and then he did step-by step on 3 or 4 other pieces and then we went and tried to do the same thing.  It didn’t work out too well as the time restraints for the paint to dry to apply subsequent layers became an issue but I have my notes so I’m trying to recreate our lessons now at home in my studio.  It was really a fabulous workshop and well worth the money and travel. Below is a picture of the facility where we were and some samples of David’s work.DSC_2660_0634 DSC_2640_0614 DSC_2641_0615 DSC_2661_0635 DSC_2643_0617

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