Today I was contemplating about how quickly the years pass and now we are on the verge of putting yet another one behind us and so I was thinking about what I have to show for it in terms of my art.  I decided that it was a lot, especially what I’ve accomplished in the last year alone, but today I made a New Year’s resolution to pursue my art with heart, soul and mind.  These are after all, what art is but it is an evolution.  The essence of one’s view of the world through our heart, soul and mind reveals our passions and drives us to recreate the world around in whatever medium moves us.  For myself, most everything around me causes me to ask the question – How can I transpose what I see into a work of art that others will see and say “Yeah, I get that!”?  While on our holidays in the Caribbean, I was able to see not only the beauty of our surroundings, but in my heart see the people and the lifestyles that makes us different and yet the same.  As an artist, I was able to step outside my viewpoint and think about so many other ways that I could portray my ideas.  We visited a few galleries and it was very interesting to see so many artists doing something different and yet the heart, soul and mind was always evident.  I ran across a fellow in Jamaica who with all his graying dreads and yellow eyes would have made one nervous to run into on the street, but it turns out he is an artist as well.  Paintbrush in hand, he was painting on the hulls of coconuts by the side of the road.  His supplies were limited but he seemed quite content.  I asked him if I could take his picture and paint him and he said yes and I gave him some money for helping me out.  At some point this year, I will publish my rendition of him.  I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year wherever you are and to all my artist friends and family, I wish you Happy Artistry in 2014!

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ~ Edgar Degas

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