So I began my journey on this piece with a basic line drawing.  My method to building color begins with a good reference photo true to the colors of the actual subject or manipulated on the computer to the colors I want and then I try to see what blends are actually there.  As we all know grass is not just green but will have reflections, depending on the time of day the colors of the shadows and light will exhibit some blues or reds or various other colors.  Those are the colors I try to see.  In this case, at first glance what you see is various shades of green and some whites.  But when I look closer, I can see the bluish tinges in some of the areas in shadow such as the berries so I map in a blue that will be in harmony with the shades of green that cover it.  I also dropped in some lemon yellow in a few areas.  I use an extremely sharp pencil as I work, especially in this case as the paper I am using is Bristol Vellum which does not allow for a large amount of layering.  As I come to those areas I have mapped in I am reminded of some of the underlying hues and then I build slowly, adding more or less of the colors I want and building up in the darks if need be.  I also started some of my darkest values along with my very light values to make sure I have the extremes that I want and then build the other values in between.  I always leave the white of the paper for whites.


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