I’m now beginning to add in more color to the mapping portion as well as  do a little more on the eyes.  Some folks will use their sharpest pencils only for detailing at the end but I begin right here otherwise the detailing becomes an effort at trying to adjust and fix areas we worked on too heavily.  So sharpen those pencils!  I began to develop some of the variety of colors in the right ear helping me to determine even more what colors will work best overall.  It’s important when doing any work to keep continuity of colors throughout.  For example if you use a specific blue in one area, make sure you use it again in other areas to tie it all together.  That’s a simplified explanation by the way.   Posts on this guy may be slim for the next week as I have my 1 yr old grandson coming for a week-long sleepover.  Maybe during nap times – wait a minute I can’t do this while I’m napping!  Oh yeah – when he’s napping, that’s the plan.Gus-2a

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