Day 9  – A little more work on the dreads, slowly but surely.


I was thinking about how I generally go through the same thought process for every piece I do and I know that for most artists there are some similar stages when it comes to their work, especially for colored pencil because it doesn’t develop overnight.  Here’s the stages as I see them:

1. There’s  the beginning stage, unsure of oneself about where to start.

2. Then there’s that stage where your getting in some local color and looking at it and saying, “doesn’t look like much, maybe I shouldn’t show it to anyone until it looks more like I know what I’m doing.”

3. Then there’s the stage that says, “yes, I’m on the right track” or “I don’t this is working all that well”.

4. Then there’s the stage where all your confidence and skill comes together and you can definitely see where this is going and that it’s going to turn out well.

5. Then there’s that stage that has you wanting to rush and get it done because you’re ready to start something else.

6. You’re over that hump,  committed, and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  You’re more than ready to be complete this piece and put it on display.

7. Had to add this one.  You’re really done but you can’t let go and stop tweaking!

Share with me if this is similar to your experience.  I’d love to hear how you process your journey for an individual piece.

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