Since we moved from our house into an apartment last year, the idea of spring plantings and playing in the soil is now one of those things that I am putting behind me.  Oh yes, I’ll still have my indoor plants and my few pots for the balcony but that will be small in comparison to what I used to have and enjoy.  The nice thing is I have a huge amount of images of our house and yard and all my beautiful flowers, so in honor of Spring (we hope) I thought I’d post some of my images.  I just wish you could put images in columns so the wouldn’t be all in one long row.

dsc_1072 dsc_1074 DSC_8342 dsc_1179 DSC_1634 DSC_1881 Apricot Daylily cropped Blue Delphs2 Brilliant yellow lilies_edited-1 Double Stargazer_edited-1 DSC_0179 dsc_0671 dsc_1091 dsc_1094 dsc_1112 dsc_1116

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