Well, I’ve worked a little more on the petals and some of the  background.  For the background I layered using FC Deep Cobalt Green along with some Permanent Green Olive where the areas are more green than blue.  Then I worked in some Indigo and some black for the darkest areas.  I don’t use black too often as it can appear quite harsh but when blended with other colors it can give you the darkest shade of the color you need.  The uppermost petal was done with a very light touch as the colors are very soft and pastel looking.  The edges of the petal is slightly bluish cast from the blue sky on the white of the petal so here I used Prisma Powder Blue along with some FC Light Cobalt Turquoise.  The balance of the petal I layered the same combo of colors used for the right petal, again with a very light touch, working around the water drops.  The bottom petal for the green area is a repeat of the layers used on the right petal always working with my reference photo to place the shadows and veins in the appropriate places.  I brought the yellow-green almost up to the area where the red/fuschia starts finishing with only a light application of FC Light yellow glaze.  This color overlapped with a light application of FC Pink Carmine gave me the brownish-red color where the two colors marry up and by doing it lightly at first I created my map to follow.  On the lower edge of the petal there is a pattern that looks almost like a buttefly’s wings with the light magenta spots, so here I lightly roughed in those areas using FC Light Magenta and using FC Madder for the darkest shadows and Pink Carmine around the edges marrying the colors up to create a very soft blend.  I left a portion of this area just mapped in so you can see better how it developed.  I also left the extreme edge of the petal with a light layer of the Light Yellow glaze and softened it somewhat with Pink Carmine so it wouldn’t look like a hard line.  I will repeat this same process for the other petals before moving on to the pistils and stamens of the flower and the water drops.  I hope you follow me on this journey and enjoy the tutorial.  If you have any questions please feel free to comment.


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