Today I spent a good 5 hours working on “Carnival” and as a result I’ve come close to completing it.  I continued on with the last petal and needed a change so I decided to take a break and work on the pistils and stamens of the flower.  For the stamens I used mostly Derwent Colorsoft Light Green and Lime Green, adding in a bit of Prisma Powder blue for some very light shadows on the stamens themselves.  Where the stamens came in close contact with the petals I used the same greens to create some delicate cast shadows.  For the pistils, I filled in a portion of the light areas in the centers with Prisma Greyed Lavender and lightly added some Polychromos Indigo around the lavender as sort of a halo effect.  Then I used again very lightly a variety of Polychromos rust colored pencils, and some dark brown to fill in most of the balance of the pistil, with some Polychromos Naples yellow for the lightest areas.  Once I established where my lights and darks were I went in and darkened them all to my liking filling in all the white space.  Once this was done, I used the Prisma Greyed Lavender as as blender to create the soft effect in the center of the pistils.  Beyond that I’m half-done on the last petal and once that’s done I’ll let it sit for a few days to mull over what I might need to adjust and do that.  Then signature, seal it and I’m done.



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