After finishing the portrait of my grandson, I had to decide on what to do next and since summer was coming to a close I decided to capture this unusual lily to keep me thinking of all the beautiful flowers we get to enjoy every year.  This particular lily grows in the foundation beds at the apartment complex where I live and I’ve never seen another like it.  The striking combination of chartreuse and fuschia seem like an unlikely duo for a flower but it really is lovely.  Here’s the reference photo I took. Chartreuse and Fuschia Lily72dpi


I began by laying in some Indigo Blue in the very center where the green is the darkest for the deep shadow and gradually worked my way out softening the edge using Prismacolor’s Chartreuse.  Then I started laying in Prismacolor’s Yellow Chartreuse for the lightest yellow-green areas of the petals working up towards the area where they will marry with the fuschia color.  The midtone greens I developed using a combination of Faber Castell’s Cad Yellow Lemon, Light Yellow Glaze, May Green, Grass Green and Permanent Green.  Here’s the results so far.



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