I finished “Carnival” last night and very pleased with how it turned out.  One comment I’d like to make to those aspiring artists, as this piece is a good example of this, is that don’t let your brain override what you see.  Our brain might tell us that this flower is green and pink but if you look closely at your reference photos you will often see all the subtle colors that make it real even if they are very pastel.  In this case the reflections in the water drops and the edges of the petals.  The blue of the sky is reflected in these light areas and the camera picked that up, even though if upon looking closely at the real flower outdoors you would have missed that blue reflection so it’s really important to study your reference images carefully before you put pencil to paper to look for all those special little nuances of color and reflections and decide if you should include them or not.

Thank you to all those folks who followed me on yet another journey.


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