So the last few days I’ve been working on the right side of Gracie’s face and this was definitely the tougher side to do because the colors are so subtle and pastel.  Also working in the shadows created by her eyelashes was challenging because it’s contrary to what our brain wants to perceive as shadows often can be tremendously longer that the subject that is creating them based on the time of day and the amount of bright light.  In this case it was mid-afternoon on a bright sunny day which is why I am keeping the beautiful blue sky as the background to emphasize the lovely shadows and contrasts in her face.  Working on the flesh tones today made me a little “snow-blind” after a while so I started on the sky and her hair  which is a light golden brown with lots of white highlights from the sun’s reflection.  This is such a study in contrasts and I’m finding it challenging enough but so enjoyable.  I need to finish her dress as well but I’ll do that closer to the finish or when I need a break from another area. (I tend to do that a lot)

Stage 4

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