So previously I talked about examining your reference photo and color mapping.  Today were moving on to putting in some perspective.

When working with very light colors, I find you can get a little “snow blind” and lose site of your lines so make sure you gradually make any lines you will need to see, slightly darker as you go. To get a little perspective happening, begin adding in some of the shadows in the petals and some of the red in the center of the flower. Go with the easy stuff first, such as the almost pure red “anthers” (the red circles) in the center. Fill these in, without pressure, using some Cad Red on top of the yellow you had already put in previous and then add some Deep Red lightening your touch towards the outside edges, to create some depth. You will see that there are some very subtle shadows in the center as well and for these areas lightly lay in some Caput Mortum. For all the petals, I used variations of Green Gold, Dark Chrome Yellow, Dark Naples Yellow and even some Dark Cad Orange as some of the shadows are more orange than others. Then lightly add some Deep Scarlet Red to the center of the flower on each petal separately remembering to follow the shapes from the ref photo.


Note that this is not complete yet.   You’re depositing only enough color for you to remember where there are.  We will deepen the shadows more as we go and adjust the color as need be. For the purpose of this tutorial we are not going to attempt to add the sort of grid-like pattern you see in the petals of the ref photo as that is part of negative painting and another tutorial.





You are not only seeing colors and values, you are also seeing shapes. If you look at the soft red center, you will see that it is almost a uniform circle and within that circle each petal has it’s own shape – almost triangular. So lay in, again light-handed, some Light Cad Red following the shape that you see. This is also part of color mapping when you drop in your base colors according to the shapes they represent (See outlines in image below).


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