Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted and that was entirely because I was busy prepping for Christmas and having guests for Christmas so the month of December went by without much work done to Grace.  We have since gone to our summer place in Florida and I’ve finally had the chance to get back to work, although it seems like I’m always missing something I left back in Winnipeg.  I was able to order everything I needed without shipping costs and at great prices from Dick Blick’s Art supplies and Jerry’s Artarama so I’ve been busy.  I even took in a local watercolor workshop just for something different.  I’m pretty much done with Grace except for a few finishing touches and my signature but I don’t want to post it here yet, as it is a birthday present for Grace and her birthday is not till April so I’ll post the finished piece after I give it to her.

In the interim, Ryan Powroznik of Compendium Artist Market is putting on a show in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Follow the facebook link to see all the details.


Also a little update on my whereabouts and what I’m doing now.  Having left cold Winnipeg on January 27th for the warmth of Florida, we arrived here on New Year’s Eve and celebrated with gusto by going to sleep early after just chilling once we unpacked.  Our time her so far has been nothing short of fabulous.  Every day I get to go down to the pool where I am usually the only person there and do a 40 minute aquacise routine.  The pool is like a bathtub so even on mornings when the outside temp is even below 60 degrees or less – I’m there!!  The weather is slowly beginning to warm up though and most days I’m in shorts or capris.  We haven’t done much yet in the way of touring around as my son and his family are coming down at the end of February so we want to save the attractions for when they’re here.  Yesterday, I had to drive my husband to the airport in Tampa which is about 50 minutes from where we are and in doing so we crossed the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.  There’s a whole story on the bridge because back in 1980 the original bridge collapsed after a freighter in bad weather hit and demolished one of the main piers sending 35 to their deaths.  If you want to read the story follow the link.  This was a terrible tragedy and a new bridge was completed in 1987.  Driving over this bridge was a little daunting but I did it.  The wind is a big factor and most days wind and weather warnings are issued.




The New Bridge

Beyond that I’ve started a new art piece.  It’s a picture of an old door with it’s paint flaking and peeling off and the doorknob rusted with age.  Here’s where I’m at so far.  I started with a base of Ivory which you can’t really see and then added some darker Naples Yellow in some areas.  Then intermingling shades of greys, Nougat, Van Dyke Brown and Dark Sepia I started the the layers of peeling paint.  For the doorknob, I scribbled in various rust, brown, yellow and grey colors to gradually build up the effect of rust including any reflections.  I did this part to ensure I had enough contrast between it and the other areas.

Old Door_1

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