So another number of hours both yesterday and today.  It seems like I’m not moving very fast on this one but the challenge is making sure every line or section on the door plate is accounted for and is in line with each other both above and below the doorknob – really tricky as it’s almost like an optical illusion so I have to take on one spot at a time and line it up right.  Continuing on with the same process on all parts of the door plate and knob and now beginning to map in some aging colors of the peeling paint here and there.  It’s also really interesting the colors I see deep into and under the paint.  I’ve even had to use light flesh and rosy beige.  When doing a piece like this it’s important to take a step back every once in a while and take a look at your lines (and don’t be afraid to use a ruler) and taking into consideration that the lines are not necessarily always straight especially in the corners, make sure that they are all aligned and in the right perspective.  Also take a look at all the tiny little scratches, dings and dents as well as the subtle changes in color and make sure to incorporate these into your work to create that realism and dimension.  See you again in a few days.

Old door3

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