Another 2 marbles completed and surprisingly to me, the large red one was quite a challenge largely because when I transferred my drawing a little too much graphite adhered in the area that would be the lightest, the yellows on the left and after an unsuccessful attempt to erase the lines to an acceptable level, I had to readjust my darks somewhat to account for this so as to not have my pencil lines show.  I also changed the color of the second last marble on the right.  It was, according to my reference photo – green, but since it was butting up against another green I decided to do it blue and also because the last marble on the ref photo is blue, I didn’t want the almost straight alignment of three blues.  I may even leave the last marble out for that same compositional reason.

Tip of the day:  When transferring your line drawings to you paper remember to press lighter in areas that will be very light as erasing after can only remove so much graphite and when using yellows the graphite mixed with it will turn greenish.


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