Other than a few final tweaks at the end maybe, I have finally completed the door plate and knob.  My eyes are blurry and I’m ready to do something with more color but I should be able to complete this piece by next week especially if we get the rainy weather they’re forecasting for this area.  Rainy days are always good days to stay inside and draw or paint.  What my next project will be remains to be seen.  I have a few ideas in mind but choosing is always the tough part and being here in Florida provides me with so much inspiration for subject matter.  Anyway, I will continue on with the peeling paint for now.  Believe it or not, one of the colors I’m using to get that weathered appearance is Seashell Pink (Prisma) as well as Light Flesh (Polychromos), Raw Umber (Polychromos) , Jasmine (Prisma), Warm Grey II and Nougat (Polychromos).  Old wood siding that was once white or ivory tends to yellow with age but some of the resins in the wood tend to seep through at random creating stain patterns as well that lean to the gray or pinkish color so using the Seashell Pink helps to give it that authentic aged look.

Old Door 5


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