In between life and colored pencil work,  I’ve been attending a number of varied workshops.  One of them being water-soluble oils.  The subject I chose is an image I got years ago and I always liked the mood of it – sort of serene and mysterious.  I’m not sure if I gave it the justice it deserved but it turned out rather well I think.  Having to wait constantly for it to dry was a bit of a pain for me as I like to be able to continue working on one piece till it’s done but oils are another beast altogether.  Having said that I really enjoyed the process and will definitely continue doing some oils as well as acrylics and watercolor.  The image is a little blurry as I had to take it indoors today due to the rain so my lighting wasn’t quite right but such as it is, this is it.  Entitled “Bridge in the Mist” , 8″ x 24″

Bridge in the Mist-1

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