Organizing my day can be a juggling act.  I missed the day today with the Charleswood Group as I woke up with a head cold.  We were going to draw and paint to live drummers!!!  Sorry I had to miss it but I took some antihistamines and I’m good to go again so I worked on my parrots a little.  A little more progress on the wings of the colorful bird and more on the Macaw.  Their beaks are tricky as they looked like a peeling onion with lots of layers.  Defining all the small and multi-colored wing feathers is quite a job too but I first lay out lightly where the lower edge of each feather should be, drop in some base colors and then layer, layer, layer!  It’s coming along nicely I think but there will be lots of tweaking at the end to sharpen and define things.  I think I’m going to name them Mutt and Jeff!!


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