Back in the early seventies, my husband joined a crew of fellows who sailed the Caribbean on a charter boat known as The Pride.  The ship was built by the owner as a scaled-down replica of one of the ships owned by the famous pirate Jean LaFitte.  After many years of trying to track down any information and/or pictures of the ship we finally found one, over-exposed and in rough shape.  I promised myself that I would paint it for Chris for his birthday or Christmas and I finally completed it yesterday and since he couldn’t wait till his birthday I gave it to him last night.  The look of joy and a little bit of deja vu made it all worth it.  It’s not everyday that a young man gets to sail the Caribbean on a Barkentine ship and have the memories come flooding back when they’re in their 60’s.   I know he loves it, because he keeps telling me and each time there is a tear or two.  It now hangs proudly in his office and I couldn’t be happier about bringing this wonderful memory back to life for him.  The finished piece is 20 x 20 Acrylic on Canvas.


The Pride_72

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