As promised, I’d be back in January to post an update on this piece.  I left it alone for awhile as I pursued some watercolors pieces but decided it was like a monkey on my back I needed to get rid of.  My plan for the New Year is to get as much time spent on my art as possible.  I’ve reminded myself of what I’ve told others about creating art every day to be a better artist, so that’s what I’m doing and I’m finding that I am learning a lot just by picking up the brush or pencil everyday even if only for an hour.  So here’s the latest on my parrots.  I’m almost finished the birds except for the beak and talon of one and the chest feathers of the other and I started on putting in the jungle background.  I roughly rubbed in some foliage with pan pastels to give me an idea of how I want it to look and began in earnest to develop it further.



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