Today I worked on the background of this piece using past pastels to create a random but somewhat planned pattern for the foliage and then using my colored pencils began working in the negative space to pull out diffused pieces that would suggest the green jungle.  I decide to keep the upper left area very light in color with some hints of the blue sky and tropical sunlight filtering through.  I will work a little more detail on the foliage in this corner keeping it very light and soft.  Once that’s done I just have the branch they’re perched on and the remainder of the blue macaw’s beak to finish – a little tweaking here and there and I’ll be done this one.  It will however have wait till the end of the month as we are leaving next week for Florida and the Caribbean and this piece is too large to take along.  Sorry the image is a little fuzzy as we’ve had a semi-blizzard going on here this morning so the lighting is not good and I don’t like to use flash to photograph my art.



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