Back at my CP work again.  I started on this one a few days ago and it’s coming along nicely working first on the lowest flower that was already showing the signs of fading beauty.  I love lilies and paint or draw them every chance I get and this one is no exception.  I decided to go large again and this one is 11 x 14 which for coloured pencil is substantial due to the time invested in completing a piece.  I started the flowers by working in soft very light applications of lemon yellow and dark naples ochre as well as some green gold.  To achieve the delicate, transparent petals that are starting to shrivel you have to remember that as they fade a lot of flowers become almost transparent and so the colors under them will show through somewhat.  In this case the green of the background.  Combining this with some mid-grays both warm and cool, I was able to achieve the right look.  It’s also important when trying to capture the true nature of these flowers, to not keep the edges perfectly straight or uniform.  Adding a few frills or small indents adds to the look and gives them more realism.

White Daylily White Daylilies2


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