I finally completed the background although I will have to go in & sharpen up a few edges and deepen some darks a bit.  Moving forward on the flowers , I’ve been able to complete most of them although I will have to darken some areas there as well to bump up the contrast.  I was comparing this piece to the one I did entitled “Pastel Daylily”.  There is some similarity there and I realized that I just love daylilies.  They come in so many colors and I love the rippled effect of their petals compared to the smoother lines of other types of lilies.  A little bit of trivia regarding daylilies is that there are over 35,000 cultivars which means I could do a different one each time and never run out of subject matter.  Wow!  Sounds like the beginning of a series to me!

White Daylilies_6

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