2016 has been a very special year for us.  We bought a fixer-upper out in lake country and spent a lot of time, energy and resources to make it our own.  We were just starting to hang some pictures today as a matter of fact and this coming Saturday we will have our first family gathering here for Christmas.  I have been absent from my journal (and my art) however, pretty much since last summer with all the planning and packing, renovating and moving and of course unpacking again.  For 2017 I will now have a dedicated year-round studio to do my art in and I’m very excited about that.  We haven’t started the work on it yet but once the weather breaks it will be go, go, go!   For those of you who live in Manitoba and will be visiting the Interlake area during the summer please drop in and say hello.  We will have the studio ready for the fall session of the WAVE, the annual art festival here in the Interlake and many new artists will be showcasing their work in both the spring and fall session.  I want to thank all my followers for a wonderful year and I look forward to getting back down to business to not only showcase my art but hopefully to begin teaching here as well.  I will be posting progress reports once we get started.  Also I haven’t chosen a name for my studio as yet so to all my followers if you have a good one, I’m all ears!!


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