I’m making great progress on this piece, but then again I’m very motivated as I need to finish a number of pieces for a number of shows I’m in this year so I spend at least four hours a day working on this.  I had intended on keeping this piece in the greens, but was reminded by someone “Don’t forget the Purple” and while the colors of Mardi Gras are Purple, Green and Yellow, anything bright and beautiful is Mardi Gras.  I have seen some amazing costumes entirely in black!  Stunning and mysterious!  Anyway, I decided to introduce some purple and I’ll probably add the yellow somewhere as well.  To get a really rich purple I used FC Violet, FC Blu Violet, FC Indanthrene Blue, and finally FC Mauve.  This is really the key to getting depth to your colors.  I could have just used a purple but it would be flat and lifeless and why go to all this time and effort for that.  Completed the cowl so far, working on the feathers today while I decide how I want to finish off the other side of the mask.  I’m thinking of doing a Krackle there but I have to test it out on a separate piece of vellum to see if it will work on it.


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