I think it’s very important if you are a serious artist to work at it every day and I know that time for some is at a premium but if you can schedule just one hour every day you’ll be amazed at how much you learn.  I’ve been doing coloured pencil work for about ten years now and I dedicate a great deal of time to it and I’m still learning.  I discovered something new today in fact.  While working on this piece I knew that I wanted to have some very golden effects or colour here and there and I wasn’t sure how to achieve that.  Trying both the FC and the Prisma metallic gold, I found that neither of them really looked like gold.  I thought I could use gold leaf but that could be very tricky getting it in just the areas that I wanted so I worked on a scrap piece of paper and found that if I used the Prisma Metallic Gold first and then applied FC Burnt Umber on top of that I got what looked pretty much like a golden, bronzy look.  Once I have all the surrounding areas complete I will probably go in and work in some highlights by removing colour just to give it that special effect of light on metal and look more realistic.  I will also tweak the emerald some yet as well and believe it or not I used FC Emerald green mostly for the stone. (Rhinestone – can’t afford a real emerald!)

I am working on the face currently so the splotchy area of the chin is still  under construction as well as the lips but I chose a vibrant warm red, FC Scarlet Red and used FC Caput Mortum for the shadows of the lips.  This will all be tweaked once the surrounding areas are complete.  Am I all over the map on this one – you bet I am!  When I get bored in an area I often will move to another but also to keep my overall values in check.

Here’s Day 4!



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