I was planning on working on my watercolour – “Low Tide” today but I got carried away working on the eyes of Masquerade.  I pretty much completed the neck using 17 or so colours to get the shading right.  Then I moved up to the eyes.  I needed to get these done so everything else relates properly.  I’m sure I’ll have some adjustments to do, especially in terms of how much shadow will be cast on the eyes once the mask is done.  I opted for green eyes on this piece, just because I love green eyes.  I used 6 hues of greens plus Burnt Umber to get the amber effect to the irises and a subtle Derwent Mint for the eyelids.  Derwent Coloursoft pencils are a nice addition to my supplies.  The colours are very soft, almost a pastel so they’re nice for blending or pastel shading.




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