Well, this past Monday I hosted a Coloured Pencil workshop with the Charleswood Art Group.  We had about 20 participants and I think it went very well.  Without video for such a large group to see the small workings of the medium, it is difficult to convey the actual work that is involved but I provided a good deal of notes ahead of time for everyone.  We spent the first part of the morning in lecture going over all the materials and options available and then we broke off to do some small technique exercises.  I think the one thing that everyone came away with for sure was that it isn’t colouring and it’s harder than one would think to achieve a clean, almost flawless piece.  As a matter of fact, some said that when we were all done that they were exhausted from concentrating so hard.  I know my day ended early.  I hope that everyone was able to learn at least one thing from my presentation and be able to apply that if not to CP, than the concepts to other mediums.  We will be doing a second workshop on the 27th carrying on from where we left off and hopefully creating a beautiful piece they’ll be proud of.

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