Yesterday the guys from Ace Tree Service came and took down 7 trees, five giant spruce, one ornamental fruit tree and one gigantic Ontario Maple.  Wow what a difference!  All that beautiful light now coming across our yard and into our home.  This wasn’t a decision made lightly however.  The spruce trees were coming through the foundation of the house along with the Maple and they had spruce bark beetle so they were dying.  The fruit tree had Fire Blight so it had to go.  The giant maple while very beautiful blocked all the light from the yard and the roots simply killed all the grass and any hope of having any so we made the choice to remove them.  The yard had not been maintained in any way shape or form for over a decade, probably two and really needed some serious attention, so over the next year or so we’re going to “spruce” it up and make it an attractive place once again. The second picture by the way is just a portion of one tree, the maple.  It was about 3 feet in diameter so that big portion you see, we’re going to get creative and maybe make some raw tables with it.  Thank you so much John and Tanner!

Today the guys showed up to start work on my dedicated studio.  The big picture window that we took out of the front of the house has now gone in to the detached garage (my studio)on the north side.  Lots and lots of beautiful north light!  I’m so excited!!  Next trip they will be putting a good size window on the west side of the studio.  This is where most of my work area will be.  Once that’s in, then we insulate, install electrical and do drywall.  I’ll post the work in progress as it happens.  Can hardly wait to get in and set things up!!


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