I’ve always been attracted to work of immense detail and with each piece I create, my hope is for it to be even better than the last.  Working on black paper is a little more challenging that on white paper as there is a lot of negative painting and you need to put in your values first, because the black of the paper has only the one and while using just colour can give you a beautiful effect, it does not give you all the values.  You need to apply white or other light pigments to build your light and mid-tone values first, then add colour.  The other thing is that I haven’t found a black paper yet that I’m really excited about for providing the amount of tooth you need.  This piece is on art board similar to mat board which is toothier than Artagain.  The subject matter for this piece is from a reference photo from a friend, M. Studebaker who so graciously gave me permission to use it.  Thanks Matt!!  It is a Wood Stork and the amount of detail is crazy.  I’m working at it with a lot of pencils, especially the warm and cool greys and working on a 1/4 inch space at a time to ensure I get all the details in place before I go in and really turn up the volume.

Wood Stork_1

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