One of the reasons why we chose moving to the Interlake over other areas is because of the very large and talented art community here.  The exceptional opportunity to participate in the WAVE, which is the Interlake Artists’ Studio Tour was a huge drawing card for me.  With plans in mind to have my own dedicated studio where I could work and teach as well as be part of the WAVE, we began the process to begin a new stage of our lives here in Sandy Hook.  It’s been a very busy summer working hard and furious to get everything done and it has been quite a challenge both physically, emotionally and timewise.  The interior of our home is almost complete, the screened-in room while not finished on the inside is up and usable and believe me, we use it every day and it has been quietly nick-named “Chez Mellway”, as we try to enjoy all our meals out there.  Today my son Kevin of KevBo Drywall is here doing the final sanding and once that’s done, I can get in there and paint and begin to move in furniture and shelving etc.  My husband Chris has been working day and night to get things ready and today he is working on the pathway to my studio and it looks fantastic.  It’s all coming together but there’s lots to do yet.  I hope that if you’re reading this and you’re able to come out on September 2-3,  we’ll be happy to see you for sure!!  I’m #18 on the tour at 64 Nicklaus Drive on the golf course in Sandy Hook.  I’m looking forward to my first WAVE and seeing many of you out here.

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