Put in a few more hours today and finished the front leg.  I decided to start working on the feathers but it is so easy to get lost in all the minute changes of value and colour, not to mention all the teeny feathers, that I am pretty much working a 1/2 inch square of area at a time laying in lightly the warm and cool grays.  I will go back in numerous times to develop the depth of value necessary but I am basically colour mapping these areas now so I won’t get lost.  I do this all free-hand constantly referring to my reference photo as it really allows me to focus on negative spaces which is a tremendous tool for developing your drawing skills.  By working on the negative spaces which are often simpler because we don’t try then to draw a specific item but focus rather on shapes, that in the end the true image emerges and will often find that it is quite accurate.  In the top area of the feathers I am also randomly omitting small slivers of light spots where the light catches the feathers before they develop into full feathers.  I will go in later and do some softening and clean up to naturalize them to that area.

Blue Heron_7

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