I put in at least 5 hours today and it doesn’t seem like I got a lot accomplished but I really did.  Working such small areas at a time on feathers is very time-consuming but for the sake of realism, it’s the nature of the beast.  If you take your eyes off your reference image for an instant you have to refocus as to where you were and sometimes do this a number of times before you put pencil to paper.  The thing I really love about doing the heron is that I’m really improving my value judgement skills because the majority of the bird consists of all the grey values in both warm and cool tones.  Coloured pencil really helps you become not only able to evaluate colours and values better but you become a better drawer too(I hate that word – it’s hard to say).  There is a bluish colour cast on the image but that’s just the photography.  The actual picture is a lot warmer.  Here’s today’s progress!

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