So our favorite bird, the Blue Heron is beginning to take some shape.  I’ve been working the past two days on the rocks and grassy area beneath the bird’s feet.  Creating this kind of texture and make it look realistic is time-consuming and requires the use of a very sharp pencil.  It’s really about working mostly with negative spaces to create all the twigs and branches and then going in darker in areas for shadows or change of hue.  Keeping my reference image close by, my eye constantly refers back to it while I also continue to lean back to get an overall view to ensure that all my negative spaces look random and in all directions.  It’s also important to ensure that when I create a line representing a twig that I allow the spaces to match it on both side of another twig so they appear grounded and not growing out of mid-air.  Very tricky and is an advanced skill using coloured pencils.  Colour mapping at first enables me to see what direction I want to go in and to keep me on track.  Hopefully by the time I post again I will have this area completed and the sun will shine so I can get a decent outdoor photo of it.  Indoor lighting tends to give that blue-green tinge to the paper and to correct it causes the quality to fall somewhat and the colours to look off.


Blue Heron_3_72

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