Day 6 and I’ve completed the flowers!  Yeah, what a detailed task but I think it was worth it.  When I transferred my drawing to the vellum, I only outlined the most important shapes so when going in to create all the petals and shadows,  I was pretty much winging it and the way to do that is to always examine your shapes and sizes with their relevance to the shape(s) nearest them.  In this case don’t try to draw a flower so much but work on shapes and values and the flower or other subject matter will come to life.  It’s a tricky technique to master as by human nature if we want to draw a tree we draw a tree and color it green, when in fact the tree is made up of shapes both positive and negative and so to create a realistic tree those shapes are what you need to focus on.  I just have the shadow with all the prism reflections left to do and then let it sit for a day or two and then make any corrections and/or tweaks necessary.  Still thinking of a name for this one other than White Peonies – any suggestions??


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