Yes the wonderful WAVE Artist’s Studio Tour is once again over for the 2018 year and as sad as it is, it means we’re moving forward and planning for the next big WAVE in 2019!  The weekend was a great success and I’m still filling orders for clients who just had to have a certain print!  I really enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people and I’m truly sorry there wasn’t time to visit a bit with every one of you.  The crowds seem to come in spurts and when that happens, the studio is packed and I don’t get the chance to hardly even say hello to some, so if I missed you, thank you so much for coming to spend the day with all of us on the WAVE.  I am so looking forward to next year and I’ve already got a list of new ideas to put to paper.  Right now I’m busy painting on the Gimli Seawall, restoring a piece that has seen the changes of seasons many times over since 1998 – the Goldfield.  I hope I can do it justice as I have figured out just how difficult it is to paint on concrete with the sun beating down on you and the surface is so, so uneven and we’re not allowed to do anything to improve it as it is federal property.  Just yesterday there were 6 or 7 of us out there having a wonderful time painting and visiting with passers by.  Next year is the 50th Anniversary of the Gimli Art Club so we want to have the Seawall all spruced up and ready to show, so big Bravos to all the artists who are taking the time to make it happen!  I will also be teaching 2 fall beginner’s classes at the end of the month in colored pencil, both of which are full but once that’s over my plan is to be nose to the grindstone working on my new pieces, hopefully some lovely watercolors as well.  Once again thank you all for your support and inspiring comments on my studio and my work.  It is so gratifying to know that folks enjoy your work.  Here’s a few images, one of one of my pieces in it’s place of honor in an individual’s home and another of me in my studio after the WAVE (note the big smile and the glass of wine!)



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