Another few hours on this one today.  Trying to establish a good process for creating the realistic wrought iron of the bench.  I started using Derwent Coloursoft Pale Blue with a circular motion, not too tightly.  I then repeated the motion using layers of Prismacolours Slate Gray, Periwinkle and most of the FC Polychromos Cool Greys including some Payne’s Gray.  Once I had a good layering of colours I went in with my Derwent battery eraser and zapped out some dots randomly down to the white of the paper.  Then with Payne’s gray I reduced the size of each dot to a miniscule size and then dusted the areas with a soft brush just to soften the white spots.  I also finished up the boards of the bench using most of the FC Polychromos Warm grays and some of the cools for the shadows and I also did a little work on the area below the bench keeping it quite dark.


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