Sometimes I’ll prep a half dozen or so pieces to work on so I’m always ready to go so right now I have a stack of CP’s to do as well as watercolors.  I find that rather than getting impatient waiting for my watercolors to dry thoroughly,  I can set it aside and work on a CP piece.  So that’s what I’m doing today.  This is my next work entitled “My Favorite Spot” and it’s 8 x 10 on Bristol Vellum.  I started with a number of colors to try and achieve the blue in the image, FC Polys Helio Blue Reddish, Delft Blue, Dark Indigo, Cold Gray 5, Prismas Periwinkle, Slate Grey, Blue Violet Lake and White.  Multiple layers with a light touch, then using a blending pencil evening out the layers.  I’ve just started the flowers on the bench using FC Polys Cad Yellow, Deep Red and Terracotta.  The trick with this piece will be trying to create the look of wrought iron which the bench is made of.  Another lesson on creating texture.

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