So I know I’ve been MIA for a while now but it is that time of year and I’ve been busy working on some commission pieces for clients that are surprise Christmas gifts for their significant others and since they are a surprise I am not able to post the progress.  However having them well under way I decided to take a break between that and decorating my house for the holidays to show you where I’m at with this piece.  I have continued working on the cast iron portion of the bench as well as filling in some of the background of bushes behind it.  The background could be what you want it to be but I chose to keep it simple with a variety of leaves and branches from shrubbery.  So now I’m beginning the work on the back of the bench which is completely cast iron, again using all the warm and cold grays in the polychromos line, as well as some Prismas Slate Grey and Periwinkle to achieve that blue-grey look.  In addition there are some very warm areas where I will use many of the warm greys as well as some Dark Sepia – FC and possibly some Umbers just to show the accumulation of dirt on the bench and make it real.  The image is a little dark and somewhat blurry but I ran outside to take the picture without flash in daylight and well, it’s cold outside so it was quick.


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