I do from time to time do commission pieces for clients, many of them are of their pets.  One of these I truly enjoyed doing this year was of a dog named Kona.  When the client approached me it was via my website and we communicated back and forth about a surprise Christmas present he wanted for his girlfriend, a portrait of her dog.  The images he sent me were not the greatest, quite distant and every one showed the dog in a different light hence creating literally a different dog in each one.  I finally chose the one below as I felt it was the best composition and gave me the most to work with.  Kona is mostly black with some brindle and she is just a beautiful dog.  I love dogs, can you tell??  Anyway, now that Christmas is over and she opened her present I can now post the results.  By the way, I received a lovely thank you from the recipient telling me what a wonderful surprise it was for her to receive this.


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