I finally finished all my commission pieces for 2018!!  It’s been a great year and I’m looking forward to the next one as I have so many new art ideas I want to work on but for now I need to finish a couple I was working on but put aside to complete my commissions.  “My Favorite Spot” has been on my mind so I’ve been working a lot on the bench now and it is a lot of work making it look real.  So continuing where I left off I added more warm greys to the back as weather and soil have left their mark warming up the colors a little from the cool grey.  I still have the whole arm of the bench and the shrubbery to complete so this could one could go well into the New Year as it is also Christmas baking time!!  The tree is up and decorated, the shopping is pretty much done and presents wrapped so we’re in a good place.  I even took the time to clean my studio today as it was a disaster but it feels good to be moving forward.



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