Sometimes I work on projects that take way more time than others to complete.  If you’ve been following my journal, “my hat on the Park bench” it’s one of those.  So to break the “snow blindness” type of cycle I’ll often switch off to another piece.  In this case, I’m also working on a Leopard, photo courtesy of PMP.  This will also be the subject of a workshop I’ll be doing in the spring as it’s got everything from working on soft backgrounds, hair, fur and whiskers, negative work (lots of that) and working with acrylic ink and pan pastels.  Here’s the first three installments.  If you have any questions please feel free to email me as it would take a lot of typing to explain the whole process in this entry.  Once it’s complete, I may put together a step by step over a period of a number of posts to explain it all.  In the interim, here’s where I’m at so far.  Lots to do yet!  The color is off on the last one too.


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