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"Let There be Lights".....cont'd

While it may not always appear that I am getting anything done - I am!...... and my shoulder hurts to prove it. Just kidding!

So I spent another couple of hours working on this and the one thing I have to say is that when you are working with a lot of movement in "Bokeh", then you absolutely need to have a light touch and very sharp pencils. The results are that even if there is a defined margin somewhere it is still soft and you cannot really see where one colour ends and another begins. Such is the case in this piece.

I would say that almost 3/4 of the piece is in soft focus with a lot of bokeh. Because of that the last couple of hours spent were on pretty much a 1 to 2 inch square area and I will still do some tweaking yet.

In the main bulb, I continue using Dark Sepia and Neon Pink to map in areas where I will build the finished product. It's quite difficult as many of my lines have disappeared so I am dependent on referring to my ref photo quite often. I also use a proportional divider when I need to to ensure my spacing is pretty accurate.

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