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Onward and Upward.......

Started a new piece finally as I lost the cartilage in both my knees this spring and doing stairs is brutal. I need to go down a few stairs to get to my studio, so I've been avoiding it but I'm finally able to manage better with braces and a cane.

Deciding on what subject to use for my inspiration is always a big decision especially when I have thousands of images to work from, taken myself from both close to home and from travels abroad. This particular subject however is from Free Images for Artists. I made a few changes to the photo, cropping and enhancing to get what I wanted. It is a 30 x 30 on gallery canvas.

Over the past few days I've managed to almost complete the basic block in which was a big challenge as the striping on the animals could be hugely confusing if I hadn't had to mark every single stripe with an "X" before beginning to paint. Having done that I have only a little of the block in to do before I start modelling and detailing which I will be doing in oils as the block in is in acrylic.

I'm really excited to get finished with the acrylic and moving on to the next step.

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