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Let There be Lights cont'd.........

I have not been able to complete as much I'd hoped by this stage as I have been dealing with Covid and Sciatica. Just got a negative test now on the covid so that's great but the sciatica is another story as I'm not able to sit in the same position for more than a few minutes so working on my art has been hit and miss.

Anyway, I have managed to do some work on this piece. It has been a continuation of layering the very soft and lost edges of the bulbs not in focus. Using a variety of oranges and reds in addition to terra cotta and some pale yellows I have begun to build up the layers on the left side of the piece working my way back and forth over a small area until it is almost complete. I always like to hold back on applying my final values until the piece is almost done so I have room to lighten or darken areas that need more value, either light or dark. In this way, I also have room to erase an area if I want and change up the color which is what I may do with the blue in the upper right corner.

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