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Peek a Boo cont'd....

My sweet little kitten friend is coming along but still a lot to do. Creating fur that looks realistic can be very difficult, if not time consuming. One of the keys to doing this is to not be lazy by using anything less than a very sharp pencil and a whole lot of patience. Consider each little area and work on it as if it were the whole picture. By focusing on this and not the whole picture you will be less apt to rush and attempt to take shortcuts.

Using a tapered stroke (Darrel Tank - 5-pencil method) or as I call it, "touch n go stroke" you will not deposit heavy beginning and endings to your stroke. This is done by anchoring your hand to the surface and beginning your stroke midair, coming down softly to touch the paper for the length of your stroke and then lift off again as softly as you began. Once you develop a habit of this stroke you will see a huge difference in your work. Remember you are not coloring!!

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